Not Hemingway’s, but Japan’s Own Iceberg Theory


Hemingway might have coined the term but, today I’m writing about the complexity in dealing with an omission of character or speech that I will call The Japanese Iceberg Theory. What am rambling about? It mainly concerns teaching students that don’t give you back a lot of personality or conversation. I’m talking about Japan, so this entry will help you if you teach English in Japan. If you plan to work in Japan, teaching English you’ll benefit too.

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Poetry of the Night

DSC_0352lines envelope spaces

spaces surrounded by lines

swift stiff shuffle

in this place

Worlds are estranged

dangers near of the mind

minds are forged

experience, foreign spite

eyes see

hands act


are forever done

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So you want to make it to Japan? Here’s a little tough love for you.

This post stems from conversations I have had with many people in my company. I work at a company responsible for many English conversation schools throughout Japan. I prefer to leave it at that. The conversation always happened during a teaching staff change. “A lot of people coming into this job have a very negative view of things.” Well this post will get to the bottom of these feelings and hopefully shed some light on how to succeed in a Japanese company. If you plan to apply for a job in Japan teaching English, this post will help you securing a job for the long run. Continue reading

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The Secret to a Great Lesson is a Math Formula?!?!

climbing up to the top

I mentioned in an earlier post that I changed regions recently. I am having a blast meeting new people and working with new coworkers. I have gotten very comfortable as of recent. I, however, was not so comfortable in the beginning.

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Stumbling into a Ramen Festival

       I had recently changed regions and work out of the regional office in Kansai. I have worked at many schools already, bringing me as far as Akashi city. I live pretty far from Akashi so after my work week, I opened the front door and slumped down on the couch. My wife knows how to keep me motivated. She leans toward my ear and whispers…

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