passersby in the stillnessThe inception of this blog started in 2010 towards the end of my English Education degree. Many things were in flux during my last years at University. I started this blog mainly with no vision to speak of, but it slowly evolved into a springboard of sorts of my journey to Japan. I started writing at night mainly because I was the most creative then. The title was mainly influenced by my writing schedule- A moonflower blooms only at night. I also was working on a project about The Tale of Genji at the time so it is a reference to the work as well. I then combined that with my favorite word in Japanese, semishigure, which is a description of a lot of Japanese crickets making sound during a cool summer day.

This blog has slowly evolved into a focused purpose. While it is still being crafted, currently, I  write about many things that I encounter while I  live in Japan. I came to Japan to gain more understanding in teaching English to non-native speakers as well as for a multitude of personal reasons. I write on a variety of topics for this blog. I have made it easy to navigate to the most popular themes. To understand more fully about why I write about the topics on this blog, here is a little background. Comedy is a purveying theme because Manzai pulled on my heartstrings when I was in college as I studied comic spirit. I post every so often on the subject. I also post my own poetry here. Some of them were written on this blog, labeled as ‘Poetry of the Night’, and some for classes I had taken. I sometimes mention a little information on the poetry’s inceptional reasons. I live in Japan now, and Japan has a lot to offer.
I am here for the ride. I learn more each day, and I invite you to contribute by commenting while I am on this journey.


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