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So you want to make it to Japan? Here’s a little tough love for you.

This post stems from conversations I have had with many people in my company. I work at a company responsible for many English conversation schools throughout Japan. I prefer to leave it at that. The conversation always happened during a teaching staff change. “A lot of people coming into this job have a very negative view of things.” Well this post will get to the bottom of these feelings and hopefully shed some light on how to succeed in a Japanese company. If you plan to apply for a job in Japan teaching English, this post will help you securing a job for the long run. Continue reading


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The Secret to a Great Lesson is a Math Formula?!?!

climbing up to the top

I mentioned in an earlier post that I changed regions recently. I am having a blast meeting new people and working with new coworkers. I have gotten very comfortable as of recent. I, however, was not so comfortable in the beginning.

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