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The moon is full

Tonight I wanted to share a slice of my life in Japan. I was relaxing at home with my wife and she asked me if I wanted to eat dango (a japanese snack made from a type of pounded rice called mochi.) It may sound like a random thing to ask, but let me explain why. Today was Otsukimi, which basically means a day to enjoy the moon. The dango in the picture is of course called tsukimidango. Today provides the best full moon so there is a little celebration for it. Therefore we left to the local supermarket. My wife and I enjoyed the moon as we walked back. It was a nice change of pace because I am always on my bike rushing to and from work. We caught glimpses of the moon through the cumulus clouds. Every so often it hide behind a thick cloud. It was mesmerizing.  So as I looked at the sky, it was extremely beautiful because the typhoon had just past my city. I remember turning to her and saying that I always love how the sky looks just after a rain. Everything has this sharp clear quality about it. We then enjoyed our celebration inside after dinner. Otsukimi was very fun this year.


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