Stumbling into a Ramen Festival

       I had recently changed regions and work out of the regional office in Kansai. I have worked at many schools already, bringing me as far as Akashi city. I live pretty far from Akashi so after my work week, I opened the front door and slumped down on the couch. My wife knows how to keep me motivated. She leans toward my ear and whispers…

“There is a ramen festival and maybe a bread festival tomorrow. It starts at 10. You should go.”

Well, I am a ramen addict. Fueled by Ramen might be a good moniker for me, but it’s already taken.

Ramen line

So I got there around 1:30 or so and saw this.

If you can imagine 7 booths with about the same size queue for each, then you would get an idea of the crowd. Now I started at a famous one. It had the longest line.

 Amenojaku flavorSo as for the flavor, it is pictured. But if you can’t read Japanese, it reads tonkotsu and miso ramen. Tonkotsu is a very popular flavor and Ton is a root word meaning Pork and kotsu means bone. It is very flavorful. Check it out!

Amenojaku's tonkotsu miso ramen

The flavor was complex and made me crave it more. I love tonkotsu but the miso added this new complexity to it that made my tastebuds sing. It was magical. So this stall had the biggest line and after I finished my bowl I walked by and saw a man holding the sold out sign. I’m glad I went there first. Here is the sign  of the restaurant if you’re curious.

Amanojaku Ramen

After I walked by Amanojaku’s stall I got in line for Tiger ramen.

Tiger ramen

Tiger ramen’s sign said it was a chicken based soup. I paid and waited a while for them to make it. They seemed to be struggling to keep up. They might be the underdog at the festival- I guess. I finally got my bowl and quickly snapped a picture and ate it.

Tiger ramen's bowl

Not bad. I love this style but… It was just missing something. I loved the chashu though! Well by this second bowl I was stuffed so I headed over to the bread festival to bring some home for my wife and I.

Bread from the festival

Then I stumbled home and flopped on the couch. What a great weekend.


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