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The Secret to a Great Lesson is a Math Formula?!?!

climbing up to the top

I mentioned in an earlier post that I changed regions recently. I am having a blast meeting new people and working with new coworkers. I have gotten very comfortable as of recent. I, however, was not so comfortable in the beginning.

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何でやねん! What the hell was that!?

The Little Joke Book

(Photo credit: Peacock Modern)

His palms were sweaty as he looked up from the textbook. It was just before class. He was beyond nervous. One teacher, with a plastic smile on top of unsuccessfully veiled nervousness, starts a strained conversation. He starts to feel his uneasiness growing. It’s too the point where he has to stand up and break away. Not understanding half of what this teacher is saying is making things worse; He stands without any idea of how to get out of the situation and decides to quickly make it for the bathroom without a word. The teacher with a big daft grin shouts out, “Are you a ninja?” The smile remains but the others in the room look puzzled and unsure about any kind of response. Continue reading

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Prison Break out of the system.

Michael Scofield

Michael Scofield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I’m breaking you out of here.”

A system affords a certain security. Depending on the type of system we are referring, that security comes in many different forms. If we talk about a prison then that security is an assurance each prisoner stays there for the remainder of their sentence. As a society, we want to ensure this system doesn’t fail.

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July 22, 2013 · 3:49 am

Jack dreams of solar systems and fails his class.

Continuing with pedagogical themed post, I decided to do something different. I was looking through my previous works from college when I found this short story I wrote for an English class. It is about a boy, named Jack Sandoval. It is a critique on standardized testing in public school. It uses colorful language at times, while painting a profile of a low-income student. I decided to posted it here to ask my readers this question: Why don’t we focus more on problem solving skills and logic than teaching test taking skills? Let’s make learning more socially engaging. I provided an annotated bibliography that gives more explanation into the ideas of my story. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. Enjoy.



The blankets were stifling that night, for they were pushed to the floor as he woke. The alarm buzzed and vibrated around the nightstand until he slammed the snooze button violently to cease the infernal racket. He didn’t want to get up this morning. Turning the fan on full blast he sat up, letting it cool his racing mind. Continue reading


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The Student Whisperer

Mary dressed upHave you ever seen the Dog Whisperer? It is one of my favorite shows! It is also a show that has changed my pedagogical persona as well. I am always trying to make connections when I learn something, so I can better acquire the knowledge.

The show, The Dog Whisperer, promotes the idea of calm, assertive energy to better connect with your dog and properly discipline when needed.  Alright so if I take that idea from the show and apply it to my classroom it makes perfect sense. Alright, I can feel that disapproval wagging its finger from here! I don’t think my students are dogs or I should treat them as such. Mary, my childhood dog  pictured to the left, would be a really cute student in class but my students are human beings; I should treat them with dignity and respect using the correct decorum.

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