Cupid Strikes.

I thought tonight was the night for a long over do post. I’ve been here for a while and have experienced quite a bit of stuff. Tonight is Valentines Day in Japan. Of course, here the men do nothing and the women give chocolates. The men have their chance on White Day. It’s exactly 1 month later. Just a little bit of culture..

So tonight I decided to write a poem about Love… Here it goes.

trinkets can’t hold you
in their eyes sparkles may shine;
benches, chairs for two
liquid-like, flowing; then demised
metamorphic, body explode

Fire is hot but cool
Strange how a material
can be bipolar.
Yet cannot be touched by hands.

Trinkets can hold you
in their eyes sparkles may thrive;
tables seat their moods.
a gaze, circuitously
finds it’s mate in many ways

it has shades unseen to you
but will change more than any knew.

Well, It may not be perfect but…Happy Valentines Day!


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