Busy as a Bee

It has been a while since I’ve posted–Sorry reader. I got burned out of writing. My last semester as an undergraduate student killed writing as a past-time for me. I wrote over 50 pages worth of essays for the total combined amount per class. What a logistical nightmare it was to get done but I did. Anyways, I am back and looking for a job. I got depressed for the first couple of weeks because my major is for education in high schools. Well no one is hiring, in fact, everyone is FIRING. Oy Vey. So I am reduced to applying to asian supermarkets, Starbucks, and various jobs that do not require a BA. -_- Oh well I am still looking…

Trust me My next entry will be about manzai. Until then….



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2 responses to “Busy as a Bee

  1. College is hard, and that's why people do it. It shows that you can. Your BA shows that you have abilities beyond those who can only show a high school diploma — you work hard, think hard, and don't give up in the face of pressure.

    And yeah, the job market sucks everywhere that I know about.


  2. We shall both do our best.


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